doodle / [doodle 2015-09-21]

[doodle 2015-09-21]

This artwork was selected into a group display for We ALL Draw @UAL 2015, an event curated by Tania Kovats and Kelly Chorpening. The event took place at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf during November 5-8, 2015. The curated exhibition showcased the scope, diversity and depth of drawing.

The original doodle was drawn using black felt-tip pen on bleached chlorine free paper. The image was initially brought into the digital world using the digital camera on my iPhone. It was photographed in the early afternoon, with the September sun low and basking rays over the paper. An interesting effect is that the color of the black ink has some subtle colorization due to the sunlight scattering off it. To highlight this the image underwent extremely light digital post processing using Adobe Photoshop, viz., the paper was masked and replaced with a neutral solid color.

For the entry to be displayed I digitally printed this resulting image using pigment ink on heavyweight coated white paper trimmed to RA2. The image was deliberately scaled so that it was reproduced at the same size as the original doodle; for aesthetic reasons no color bleed was added so there is an unprinted margin on all sides and for practicality can be hung using bull clips without obscuring the image.